About Me

1980 was a good year to be born. I grew up in the age of MTV and Bart and Lisa Simpson were like family to me. I came through a humble existence with a no-nonsense, every-man-for-himself upbringing from my two parents of multiple beliefs and origins – I think part of my longtime support of the United Nations, stems from my own waves of ethnicity. My bleeding heart definitely comes from my kind and loving mother, and my resilience, from my unyielding father, who I believe is composed of brass and nails.

We didn’t have much in the way of things. I grew up alongside my four brothers and sisters with hand-me-downs and learned the power of  intention firsthand. I went to public school, and earned my entry to a high school engineering, science, and technology magnet program. I was smart, but not your Doogie Howser level of intelligence. Hard work, patience, tenacity, and perseverance were my closest companions, along with books (from “Into Thin Air” to “Pride and Prejudice”) and National Geographic magazines. I earned two full scholarships to college and worked full-time while going to school full-time to make ends meet. For a dash of fun, I mentored teenagers for ten years, teaching them leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking skills through arduous academic competitions on an international scale. Though the hundred or so kids I mentored are now grown, they are forever “my space kids” and “my Model UN kids.”

I continued to dream the same dream I’d had since I was a little girl about making the big jump to Washington, DC and by the age of 30, I was taking the Metro to my job at a large PR agency in downtown Washington. Flash forward years later: I now work in nonprofit communications and am happily making a difference through my day job, continuing to volunteer while juggling important family responsibilities to which many fellow Gen-Xers can relate. I love my family and friends to which I am fiercely loyal. I enjoy bringing out the best in other people, and stoking the fires of authenticity.

Over the years, I’ve run six half-marathons and a full marathon, climbed mountains, swam across a crater lake, traveled solo to farflung locations, and squeezed as much adventure as I can into the time I’ve had. Meditation and faith are the cornerstone of my life – the fuel that allows me to breath more deeply, live more fully, and be present to the beauty in our world, even in the midst of chaos. Writing gives my soul a chance to exhale, allowing some indelible part of me to emerge in an otherwise impermanent world.

This blog is about adventure, travel, giving back, family, and how to embrace this beautiful and one-of-a-kind life and make the most of the time we are preciously given.

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